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Hire Node.js Developers

  • Extensive team of 220+ tech specialists;
  • Solid expertise in Node.js technology;
  • Seasoned developers with 7+ years of average experience;
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

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    Why Hire Node.js Developers at LITSLINK?

    Experience and Expertise

    By hiring dedicated Node.js developers at LITSLINK, you know who you get. Our specialists have technical education as well as extensive experience in custom software development. With a talent pool of 220+ amazing tech specialists, we create truly remarkable software.

    Board of Software Architects

    We’ve created a board of software architects with more than 15 years of accumulated experience in the technology industry. The strongest engineers of LITSLINK are constantly driving team development and always keep an eye on the latest tech trends.

    Home Tech Services

    We are based in the United States, Palo Alto, California, and Orlando, Florida. We provide Node.js development services across the country, which makes us closer to our clients and partners. But if your company is outside the US, we’d be delighted to assist you as we offer our services around the globe.

    Proficiency in Latest Technologies

    Our tech professionals always keep an eye on the IT industry, that’s why we are at the forefront of implementing the latest technologies in our products. It gives our clients a considerable advantage over their competitors to win the market

    Hire Senior Node.js Developers — Use No Restrictions to Create Remarkable Software Products.

    Hire Developers

    Services We Provide

    Extend Your Team

    If you are looking to strengthen your tech team with knowledgeable talents, we can provide you with an extensive pool of Node.js developers to choose from. Our tech specialists will bring you to sound technical knowledge and expertise.

    Extend Your Team

    Build New Applications

    We use our expertise and the latest technologies to create scalable, fast, and cost-effective applications from scratch. We do not compromise on quality but we deliver our apps 50% faster than any other company.

    Build New Applications

    Scale Existing Applications

    If you already have Node.js applications but need to tweak it, improve, or add some new features, we are here to help. We know how to cope with any legacy code and make our app even better.

    Scale Existing Applications

    Our Team of Node.js Developers

    Node.js engineers
    Node.js engineers
    Years average experience
    Years average experience
    Projects completed
    Projects completed

    What Our Developers Say

    Business Models To Hire Node.js Developers



    If you want to hire developers from the US, we’ll provide you with experienced Node.js tech professionals so that they can be on-site to help you deliver the most advanced software solutions.



    We provide offshore outsourcing services to help our clients cut costs on software development. It does not matter if your developers are outside the US — you’ll always get cutting-edge solutions of the utmost quality.

    Turn-key Solutions

    Turn-key Solutions

    If you want to build software and you do not require any Node.js talents to extend your team, we can easily create a full-fledged product for you with the help of our turn-key solution services.

    Steps to Hire Node.js Developers

    Tell us who you need

    Tell us who you need

    This step is straightforward — you provide us with your developer/project requirements and we offer you a pool of Node.js developers who perfectly fit your needs.

    Conduct Interviews

    Conduct Interviews

    To choose the best Node.js developers, we organize interviews so that you can assess the hard and soft skills of potential candidates. You can evaluate their test assessments and code reviews.

    Start working with them

    Start working with them

    Once you’ve decided on the most suitable Node.js developers you can immediately start working with them to create the greatest software product that will disrupt your industry.

    All Our Developers Are Fluent in English. Hire Us and Benefit from Streamlined Communication!

    Hire us!

    What our clients say

    Our Software Solutions


    Node.js is a perfect tool for building various types of marketplaces — B2B, B2B, or C2C. Such platforms are scalable and a lot of users can enjoy their experiences while using marketplaces.


    Website Builders

    If you want to create a website builder like Wix, then Node.js is an ideal environment for making customizable and fast software to make amazing websites for businesses.

    Website Builders


    Node-js is a tool that allows you to create various microservices that are suitable for almost any platform. You can build chat or collaboration, and project management tools.


    Tech Stack

    Programming Languages

    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript


    • Nest.js
    • Adonis
    • Express.js


    • PostgreSQL
    • Mysql
    • MongoDB
    • ELK
    • Redis

    Code Quality

    • ESLint

    Event streaming and queues

    • Kafka
    • RabbitMQ


    • JEST
    • Postman


    • Gitlab CI
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • AWS codepipeline
    • Jenkins

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I know that the Node.js developers you provide are a good fit for my project?

    It’s quite simple. You provide us with your project or candidate requirements and we find you the best candidates that suit your needs. We’ll organize CV screening, test assessments, code reviews, and interviews so that you can pick up the most suitable Node.js developers.

    You can start working with your Node.js developers right away. We also assign a proficient project manager who’ll be responsible for communication between you and your engineers. We’ll make sure that you are constantly updated on the remarkable progress of your project.

    2. I need to augment my development team and I need only one Node.js developer? Can you assist?

    We can help you augment your team with as many software engineers as you require. If you need to hire one Node.js developer, a team of such specialists or you want to build a software product from scratch using only our talents — we can assist you with any option you need.

    3. Why should I work with you?

    We maintain open communication with our clients from the beginning of our cooperation. No hidden costs or issues, we are constantly keeping customers informed at every stage of the hiring process and software development.

    Our expertise in the industry and the latest technologies, hands-on experience in the development of various projects give us a great opportunity to provide excellent services

    4. Will someone manage communication from your side?

    Yes. Once, we’ve assembled a team for you, we’ll also assign a dedicated project manager who’ll be keeping you in the loop regarding the process of your project development. But you can also manage your node.js developers by yourself if you want to.

    Wish to hire experienced Node.js developers? Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

    Wish to hire full stack Node.js developers?

    Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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