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Real Estate Software Solutions

  • Accelerate your business with top-notch real estate software
  • Improve operations and boost ROI
  • Work with 300+ seasoned tech experts
  • Benefit from knowledge and expertise of senior engineers

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    About Our Real Estate Software Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    Our LITSLINK team carefully analyzes your requirements to provide you with a top-quality product. Our engineers can enhance the performance of your company by creating a product that will let you reach a wider audience and keep up with the latest real estate trends.

    Custom Solutions

    Extensive Expertise

    Hit the market with a profitable and user-friendly product for the real estate industry! We always keep an eye on the latest software development trends to meet the needs of tenants, real estate agents, and companies.

    Extensive Expertise

    Open & Transparent Communication

    We are sure that effective communication is a key to any successful project. You will be able to keep in touch with a software development team to stay up to date with any changes and improvements. At the end of each sprint, our project managers provide a demo to ensure we are on the same page with our customers.

    Open & Transparent Communication

    Services We Provide

    Real Estate Marketplaces

    We build user-friendly marketplaces that enable customers to rent and buy real estate property all around the globe. Such a marketplace includes a vast community of sellers, buyers, real estate agents, and a database of various objects with floor plans and reviews.

    Real Estate Marketplaces

    Mobile Apps for VR Tours

    Save your time by taking your clients to the 360° VR tours so they can browse and choose real estate objects online. It’s also a safe way to conduct showings in times of pandemic.

    Mobile Apps for VR Tours

    Rent Calculator Apps

    Let your customers manage their taxes, track expenses, and control investment. This type of app makes the process of tax-paying much easier for everyone—from tax authorities to tenants and property owners.

    Rent Calculator Apps


    Fast Delivery

    Our experienced engineers will build your real estate software solution in a fast and efficient manner. If you have to meet tight deadlines, we will help you launch your product 30-50% faster than other software development companies.

    US-Based Company

    With offices in the US and Europe, we stay close to our clients, so you can always reach out to us and get advanced real estate solutions for your business regardless of your location.

    Top-Notch Quality

    If you need your real estate solution to be user-friendly, scalable, and profitable, we have everything to create an outstanding product for you. Your success is our core priority, so we always go the extra mile to boost your business.

    Helpful Support Team

    To stay on the same page with our clients, we provide them with a helpful and responsive project manager who supervises the software development process. If you have any requests or need technical help, you can always count on our specialists.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What types of software solutions for real estate can you build?

    We can build an extensive range of real estate solutions for our clients so they get scalable and successful products. With LITSLINK, you can create a solution tailored to your specific needs—real estate marketplaces, rent calculator apps, and mobile apps for immersive VR tours.

    If you have an outstanding idea and want to make it real, our team of seasoned engineers, designers, and project managers will be happy to assist you!

    2. Will I be able to supervise the development process?

    Transparent communication with clients is one of our core priorities. We will keep you up to date with any changes so you can control each stage of the development process and be sure you get a responsive, scalable, and profitable product that will enhance your real estate company’s performance.

    3. Is it possible to estimate the pricing of my product?

    You can estimate a product with our cost calculator right away. It will take nearly five minutes to answer a few multiple-choice questions and get the approximate cost of your real estate solution. Just answer the questions, provide your contact details, and get a free quote in no time.

    4. How can I contact you for further questions?

    Once you fill out the form below, one of our specialists will reach out to you. All you need to do is tell them your requirements and the details of your future product. We will start working on your project after we have all the crucial information.

    Need Real Estate Software Solution?

    Reach out to us for innovative real estate solutions and top-quality software development services!

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